King on Screen

Stephen King

by the directors who made his legend

a documentary by Daphné Baiwir

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Stephen King - La Ligne Verte - Souris

The Movie

KoS - Documentaire Stephen King

Carrie, Christine, It, The Shining, The Green Mile, Misery, Shawshank Redemption, Stand by me…

Stephen King is the most adapted living author, and his influence on pop culture is incredible. Filmmakers from all generations took his stories to the screen.

Over the years, more than 80 cinematographic adaptations have been released by more than 50 directors who made us vibrate, tremble, and even cry.

We meet with them to understand what's so fascinating in the Stephen King Universe !

The purpose of the film ? Seeking out stories and unique points of view to make an exciting tribute to Stephen King, to his deep knowledge of the human psychology through characters he created, and to his mastery of narrative and suspense, which has kept us on tenterhooks for more than 45 years !

Stephen King - Les Langoliers - Avion qui disparait


Stephen King - KoS Directors

An amazing introduction

At the beginning of the film, an ambitious fictional introduction with dozens of references and easter eggs, that will be shot in Maine !

For this part, we decided to work with the best team possible !
We approached several high profiles, all strong King's fans, and ask them to help us make this ambitious sequence reality.

  • Luis Sequeira : Head of Costumes
    He has been the costume designer on the remake of IT, 2017 and IT Chapter 2.
  • Keith Shaw : Colorist
    He worked on The Shawshank Redemption, The Green Mile, and the Mist, among hundreds of other projects !
  • Dean Andre : Sound Designer
    A master of the sound, who worked on such film as The Amazing Spiderman, Dangerous Waters, or Marfa !
  • And a lot more to come !

That's why we are planning to launch a crowdfunding campaign. We need help to make this introduction as ambitious as it can be !